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Online Dating has always been a big business. In 2020 even more so, as we all are dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. People are turning to online dating, looking for the best online dating app, and more. As 32 % of the current committed relationships have begun online, this trend just keeps on growing.

It comes as no surprise that in 2020 online dating services are estimated to reach $6,568 Million in revenue. Tinder brought in $1.2 billion in revenue last year alone, further cementing its place as one of the best dating apps.

With so many singles trying out online dating, it can be easy to find yourself feeling lost or confused. Searching for love is not the easiest thing to do, especially when paying for services, and site access that simply doesn’t fit your needs. Click the button below for a detailed case study.

Unfortunately, the fact is that many businesses in the online dating industry lack integrity. They prey on newcomers and lead many daters to have an unhappy experience. This leaves many people losing money and confidence in the process.

At Vienna’s Secret, we teach you all the tricks of the trade, so that you can find your perfect match. Feeling clarity, empowerment, and confidence will help you to attract your desired long-term connection. Whether you’re considering the ease of use of Tinder, Bumble, or a slightly more serious site like Elite Singles.

We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a comprehensive comparison of some of the most popular online dating sites. We have also included some free online dating sites into the mix. This will help you increase the odds of making an authentic connection, and provide the knowledge to be safe online.


If you run a quick internet search for an online dating site, the number of results you will come up with is overwhelming. There is no shortage of options out there for you. Maybe you have been using a dating site for a while and aren’t having any luck, it might be time to move on to a new site better suited to you. You see the thing is that all of the dating sites online have been created differently. Below we are going to look at some of the most important factors to take into consideration when you are choosing a dating site. Choosing the right one is essential to finding success, as the site that is best suited to you will also attract people who are best suited to you.

What are Your Wants and Needs?

The first thing you need to think about is what do you want and need from a relationship. Some online dating sites cater to those who are looking to people who are looking to hook up and have fun. Other sites are designed to match people up for a long-term relationship with marriage as the goal. If you are looking for a long-term relationship on a hookup site, you probably aren’t going to come across many people looking for the same thing.
Even when you consider the other three points in this list, keep your wants and needs at the forefront of your mind. If you find the perfect site, but everyone is looking for a long term relationship while you are looking for a fling, you aren’t going to find what you want there.

What Online Dating Niche Do You Fit Into?

Not all relationships are the same. Relationships have niches, just like most other things in life. Consider which niche you fall into. While some online dating sites are open to connecting anyone and everyone, individual dating sites are better suited for specific niches. If there is something important to you in a relationship, such as a particular religion, an age range, a poly relationship, or any other lifestyle choice, it is an essential consideration.

Not keeping this in mind might prevent you from being matched with people who have a lot in common with you. There are so many online dating sites out there, and chances are you will find one that caters to people who are looking for the same things as you.

Where Do You Live?

A popular online dating site in your area is more likely to match you up with locals that you can meet and connect with in person. If you choose an online dating site that isn’t popular in your geographical area, you might find yourself in a long-distance relationship. While there is nothing wrong with choosing to date someone who isn’t in the same geographical location, it isn’t right for everyone, and it is a crucial factor to consider before you begin meeting people.

To find the popular sites in your specific area, you can add your city or state to your internet search to find the top ones in your area. You can also ask people through social media to find out which sites they recommend.

What is Your Budget?

Before you sign up for a dating site, consider how much you are willing to spend. Be realistic in what you are ready to spend. Chances are you will be paying a monthly fee for at least a few months while you are using the dating site. While some online dating sites are completely free, others require you to pay for a subscription to access the features they offer. Most online dating sites will give you a few trials before asking you to pay to access the features.
If you are interested in a site that doesn’t offer a free trial, ensure that they offer a money-back guarantee if the site isn’t a good match for you. You don’t want to invest a lot of time or money into a site until you have had a chance to explore it and see how it works.

Choosing the right online dating site isn’t easy. However, if you keep the above points in mind, you will find one that offers exactly what you are looking for. Remember not to spend all of your time on a site where you aren’t meeting people you are connecting with.




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