8 Simple Ways to Invite Girls on an Online Date

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Everything seems to be so simple: just go on an online date with a girl. But when the perfect moment for an invitation appears, it often becomes uncomfortable. How to invite a lady from online dating sites elegantly, with dignity and one hundred percent success? It is where our practical advice can come in handy.

Men are afraid to hear refusal when asking a girl from an online dating site on a real date. You may ask yourself – are online dating sites real, or is an online date site successful? Today, modern technologies have made life much easier for men. You can communicate with the girl you are interested in for an online date, and understand possible approaches. Of course, online dating for introverts is a total blessing, helping to find the right person before the first offline date.

Many guys know what they need to do to invite women out on an online date. At the same time, some of them did not dare. Perhaps because of far-fetched low self-esteem, probably because of stereotypes imposed by society, they believe that the girl will probably refuse them because a beautiful girl always has someone better. This article will show you the right ways to ask her on a date, as it is a comprehensive guide for dating invitations. Keep reading to learn more.

| What girl should you ask out on a date?

For a man, there are several indicators by which he can understand whether a girl is worthy of an invitation to date when online dating partners meet offline: 

  • You like the girl’s appearance in general; 
  • Communication between you is simple and modest; 
  • You already have common interests or topics for conversation; 
  • You feel that girl is also interested in you.

| Online dating tips before asking a girl out

Don’t be afraid

If you like a girl, you shouldn’t be scared of denial. It is essential to set a goal for yourself and be tuned in to it. Women’s rejections are often routine tests of a guy’s strength. Women adore brave and self-confident men; therefore, having passed the test, you can achieve success in relationships.


It is essential to research your potential partner before asking out on a date. The more information you have, the easier it will be to find a match and future communication topics. Try to get online dating verification to be sure that the information about your girl is real.

Meeting place

Half of the success will depend on the right meeting place. Online dating with the COVID situation becomes challenging, so search for the available place beforehand. Determine what the girl likes and choose a place that is suitable for quiet communication. Therefore, places with loud music will not be the best choice. You can find great online dating ideas on the best online dating sites, as there are plenty of great stories of the first date in testimonials.

Time for an invitation

Do not delay with an invitation, as you may miss the chance, and the girl will already date another. Concerning how an online date has changed, a great time is 2-3 days before the planned date. Although many girls are quite ready to meet the next day if they do not have a hectic schedule. Therefore, you must try and not be afraid of possible failures and refusals.

Stop chasing girls

You need to be a leader who knows exactly what he wants from the relationship. The girl will appreciate you stop chasing after her. Therefore, you need to value yourself and, in no case, humiliate yourself in front of the lady you want to date.

These are simple tips on how to invite your chosen girl out on a date. Using them, you can successfully go out with a pretty lady and gain experience in a relationship, which will later come in handy for creating a healthy family.


| What should the invitation look like?

  1. Make your proposal original so that the girl immediately understands that she communicates with an exciting person with a good imagination, worth spending time. 
  1. It is essential not just to ask the girl to date, but to stimulate her interest. You can invite her to the movie that she has long planned to watch or arrange a date in a restaurant with her favorite cuisine.
  1. It is necessary to identify the place and time, telling them to the girl, so that annoying misunderstandings do not turn out. Make sure the girl knows how to get to the date.
  1. Do not directly say the words “online date” to the girl, as some may be frightened off. You can just call it a go-out. An online date vs. traditional dating research claims it is better not to rush during the first-time meeting.
  1. You should exude confidence and calmness. Therefore, an invitation to date should be clear, and it should be voiced in an affirmative rather than an interrogative form.
  1. You should not rush an offer to meet immediately after greeting. It is better first to talk a little on abstract topics, and only then move on to your goal.
  1. Keep in mind a couple of options if the girl says that she cannot go out on a certain day. It is necessary to determine the time which is convenient for her immediately. Otherwise, the question can be postponed endlessly. It will be useful to remind the girl about the date beforehand. After your conversation, the girl should have a clear understanding of where she was invited. It is required for her to choose the right dress and feel as comfortable as possible.
  1. If the girl continually comes up with excuses not to go on a date, but you still have an interest in her, you can try to fix it with a sense of humor. For example, “You have such a tight schedule that you have already turned me down five times. Maybe, at least for a difference, you will agree this time? “

| Preparing for the first date

Think over the program. Plan the entire evening clearly: where and how you will meet, where you will go first, and what will happen after. Of course, everything can change rapidly, especially when looking for an online date during a pandemic, but plan “b” will help you get out of any situation.

Take care of your budget. Still, it is common to pay for a girl on a date, so don’t get embarrassed, and analyze all the possible costs.

Consider your appearance. It is better to choose a formal business style for a date, adding a touch of casual. For example, wear pants and a shirt or jacket, and a T-shirt under the bottom.

Make a nice gesture. Give your girl a ride to a romantic place by car or call her a taxi. Also, a bouquet of beautiful flowers as a gift will never be excessive.

Topics for conversation. Sometimes small preparations can help a lot so that the dialogue continues and allows you to reveal the commonality between you and your chosen one. Think about what you can ask and what you can tell about yourself. The main thing is that the conversation does not turn into a monologue.

| How to behave during a romantic evening

Generations, views, and attitudes change, but the desire to see a confident, strong, intelligent man remains important for every woman. However, it is essential not to confuse confidence with persistence. Otherwise, it can cause doubts in the lady about your intentions.

Awkwardness and embarrassment are inevitable on a first date, so take the initiative entirely this evening. Any girl will be pleased if you show interest in her as a person. Try to learn more about her inner world and look for similarities between you. According to online dating experts, this approach will allow you to determine whether you are the heroes of the same novel, or this relationship is not able to grow into something more.

| Why does a girl refuse an Online date?

A girl’s refusal to date strongly affects a man’s pride. The girl actively communicates on the phone or in correspondence, but as soon as it comes to a date, she refuses? Sometimes it can be challenging to understand the answer to this question. And the reasons for this behavior can be various, moreover, not only on the first date but also on any other.

Reason # 1. The girl is afraid. Such women, who are so scared of absolutely everything, have not yet disappeared. If such a girl had few dates or bad experiences, you just need to give her a little time.

Reason # 2. The girl is busy. The most straightforward reason a girl can refuse is a really busy schedule.

Reason # 3. She does not find you attractive. Any lady has two critical needs – a partner and a friend. If a girl communicates well on the phone or in correspondence, but actively avoids dating, most likely she considers you only a friend, but not a potential partner.


| What to do if a girl refused a date

Having received a refusal, you should not curse and destroy your relationship with a girl. It’s best to calmly indicate that you are very sorry to hear the rejection, but you hope to see her next time. It is also essential to understand the reasons for the refusal. 

If a girl refuses not for the first time and her reasons are more like fiction, she is most likely not interested in meeting you. It is worth looking at other matches on the online dating site – there are many cute girls ready for close and healthy relationships. Therefore, it does not always make sense to waste your time with a girl who stubbornly refuses you.

| Conclusion

Some young people perceive a conversation with a girl about a date as getting through a minefield. Any word may not please the chosen one, and she will do the worst thing – refuse to meet …

Of course, there is nothing catastrophic about this. Your world will not collapse. However, the ability to charm any lady is an excellent quality that will come in handy, even in neutral relations with women. Therefore, think of the moment of invitation as an exciting game in which participation is also a great pleasure. And the result is a nice bonus.

A date is always a responsible and exciting moment for everyone. Therefore, it is still essential to tune in and manage your thoughts to organize everything correctly and not fail it. The desire to be liked is a natural behavior when someone is not indifferent, but it should not be pretentious and intrusive. Can an online date lead to marriage? We believe it is possible, and many love stories are proving it. We hope that our advice will be useful to you, and the first romantic meeting after a while will develop into strong love.

Please share your romantic experience with us. Do you have any secret tips for asking a girl from the dating site to a real date? What do you consider to be the most important on the first date?

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