8 Things You Didn’t Know About Escort Services

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Escorts and prostitutes have gotten a bad wrap for years. Their services, in many states and countries, are illegal. But you might be surprised to know that for every person who condemns this practice, there is someone who supports and promotes its legalization. When done correctly and safely, there are a lot of reasons why escort services are not as harmful, shameful, or dangerous as most people think. With a little education and an open mind, more people might understand what escort services are all about and exactly how they work.

We’re here to bring you some lesser-known facts about the escort industry that might just change your mind about the practice in general.

| 1. Escorts are Educated

It’s a common misconception that escorts and other sex workers are uneducated. That they’re women thrown into the sex industry due to a lack of options, but this simply isn’t true. In fact, many escorts are highly-educated and make a conscious, informed decision to go into this line of work. So why would anyone choose to be an escort? 

This profession offers some major perks that other jobs don’t, including flexibility, autonomy, great pay (usually cash, but not always — more on that later), and even job satisfaction. Whether or not you agree, many escorts actually get personal satisfaction from making their clients feel good. Many educated women have important skills needed to engage, influence, and attract high-paying clients. They’re also well-versed in using the Internet, which is where a majority of their clients hang out. 

So don’t be fooled into thinking escorts are uneducated women who have no other means of making money. In some cases, they’re much smarter and more business-savvy than even their clients!

| 2. You Can Check Escort Ratings

Similar to any other service, you can check out escort ratings online. Bloggers and reviewers around the world love giving their opinion about things — both solicited and unsolicited. If you’re looking for reputable escort services, you can hop on the Internet and find dozens of reviews for both companies and individual women. As with any review, use it as a piece of the information puzzle, not the entire thing. Form your own opinion based on plenty of research. 

Some of the top sites for escort reviews and customer ratings include TopKitten.com, TheEroticReview.com, and BigDoggie.net. Just beware — anonymous internet reviews aren’t always reliable. Companies can post their own positive reviews to boost business while other companies can post negative reviews about the competition. In some rare (and despicable cases), clients blackmail escorts into certain sexual favors or pricing by threatening to leave them a bad review on a well-known site.

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| 3. Escorts Make a Good Living

This may not come as a big surprise but escorts make a pretty good living doing what they do. Especially high-class, experienced escorts who establish themselves in the business. Once an escort attracts high-end clients who turn into repeat customers, they can expect a steady income. 

Most men are willing to pay top-dollar to be with a well-regarded, professional escort. Some escorts bring in as much as $400 per hour while others have reported making as much as $1,000 for a single, one-hour session. Not only are escorts not struggling to make ends meet but they’re bringing in more income than the average person. While rare, some clients are willing to pay $25,000 for a two-day experience, helping women earn up to $500,000 annually. Speaking of experience, this brings us to our next fact.

| 4. Escorts and Prostitutes Are Different

Often times, prostitutes and escorts are lumped into the same category. A person pays them for sex, so what’s the difference? Prostitutes offer a straight-up, no-nonsense service. The “John” asks what sexual favors the prostitute offers and for how much, they complete the sex act, she gets paid, and that’s it. The escort exchange is much different.

Escorts provide a complete experience. Many times, the evening begins with dinner, conversation, and maybe even some snuggling before ending with intercourse. Escorts spend a lot of their time and money creating a certain image. They invest in expensive clothing, lingerie, make-up, and other upkeep. Escorts are also more willing to cater to a certain experience or role-playing scenario. Their goal is to create the most enjoyable overall experience for the client, beyond just sex. Prostitutes, on the other hand, perform a service, get paid, and go home. 

| 5. There’s a Secret Escort Language

There are certain laws surrounding escort services (we’ll cover this, too). To stay ahead of any legal complications and fly under the radar, escorts have their own private language. Escorts avoid using specific language that indicates an exchange of money for sex. Instead, they’ll use abbreviations and other code words to get their message across in a more discreet way. 

Here are some of the most common abbreviations:

  • CBJ – The client will receive a blow job using a condom
  • BBBJ – The client will receive a blow job without a condom
  • GFE – The client will receive a girlfriend experience which includes being more flirtatious and affectionate behavior

Instead of referring to the payment as such, many clients and escorts use the phrase “donation”. Because escort services are illegal in many parts of the world, this secret lingo helps women continue their work without legal ramifications.

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| 6. Rules and Laws are Different Based on the Location

Speaking of legal ramifications, laws surrounding escort services vary from region to region. In many European countries not only are both escorts and prostitutes legal, but they’re highly-regarded and well-respected. In Amsterdam, escorts even pay taxes! Canada considers all forms of prostitution legal but discourages women from advertising their services on the street. These laws help deter other illegal behavior like pimping. In other countries like Japan, oral sex is legal but vaginal sex isn’t. 

While escort agencies are legal in many Western countries, traveling with your escort can get tricky. If you move into other areas where the practice is illegal, you could get into a lot of trouble. 

| 7. More People Use Escorts Than You Think

Escorting is a more popular profession than most people realize. It’s also about a lot more than just sex. As we mentioned before, many clients pay big bucks for an entire experience. Over time, they develop an emotional bond or connection with their escort. They take them out to dinner, on vacation, and even to upscale events as their dates. You may have met someone’s escort at a party and not even realized it!
The numbers surrounding escort use aren’t exactly accurate since most people aren’t willing to openly admit they’ve hired a sex worker. Some research shows that one in 5 men has hired an escort for sex and 6% of women have accepted money in exchange for sexual services.

| 8. It’s Not an All Cash Business

Do you envision a man leaving a huge wad of cash on the dresser while zipping up their pants following a hot sex session with their escort? While the exchange does go down this way sometimes, it’s not always the case. About 10% of customers pay their escorts using credit cards. Some escorts work independently, while others have pimps. Both prefer cash but aren’t opposed to accepting other forms of payment including credit cards and merchandise. Some escorts may even accept rent payments, vacations, and other perks in lieu of a cash payment.

Hiring High-End Escorts is Easier and More Widely Accepted Than You Think

Depending on your location and moral beliefs, hiring escort services is an accepted practice. It’s also a respected way for women to make a living. Don’t be fooled into thinking escorts are uneducated women turning tricks for a few dollars. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Explore our blog for more tips and information on hiring a high-class escort for both your physical and emotional needs.

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