Get Paid Go Wild

Get Paid Go Wild [Video]

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Get Paid Go Wild

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These are Britain’s biggest nights out. Following groups of amazing mates as they blow their hard-earned cash when they get paid. Real mates. Epic nights out. The drama never ends.

Transcript provided by YouTube:

00:01 [Music]

00:16 i definitely haven’t seen anyone here

00:20 i am single and ready to be swept off my

00:23 feet

00:24 [Music]

00:26 what are you up to tonight we’re gonna

00:27 go to walmart are you looking for

00:29 anything in particular in bournemouth

00:33 a bit fun going out with a friend i will

00:36 definitely not find

00:37 anyone in weymouth all the guys here

00:41 just dressed the same

00:42 like they all just like skating stuff

00:46 and they like wearing cargos i do tend

00:48 to go for the more sophisticated look

00:50 you gotta look nicer on that out there

00:52 haven’t you yeah 100

00:57 hopefully there might be someone in

00:59 bournemouth so i’m looking forward to

01:01 seeing

01:01 if anything happens there blow-dry and

01:04 fresh color

01:05 you look lovely

01:24 don’t you worry about that

01:28 oh shotgun demi’s back

01:45 [Music]

01:47 i love a blowout and i do it every month

01:49 i think to myself i deserve this

01:52 so for nights out i do like to have a

01:55 bit of money behind me

01:56 i do i’m one of them drunks where i’m

01:58 like everyone just have a drink

02:11 [Music]

02:16 literally i entered halo and i’ve never

02:18 seen anything like it

02:23 it looks like you’re in like a nightclub

02:26 in a movie like it’s just amazing in

02:34 here

02:37 [Music]

02:46 basically eddie was with this guy a

02:48 couple of years on and off

02:50 so every time we see him now she’s like

02:52 a magnet she’s like a flight of shit she

02:54 just goes straight to him

02:55 and every single time it ends in

02:57 heartbreak she keeps doing it so like

02:59 we’ve got to the habit of just pulling

03:01 her away

03:01 it’s not worth it anymore

03:05 amy amy

03:21 [Music]

03:45 trying to so yeah i’m just

03:48 just trying to have fun we’re just going

03:51 to leave that

03:52 i think can you believe what just

03:55 happened

03:55 no i know we legit just saw amy’s earth

03:59 in outside of weymouth as well yeah what

04:02 the hell

04:03 away from waver i think she’ll be okay

04:06 it’s just like a little bit shitty in it

04:08 yeah where he was with another girl as

04:10 well

04:10 so she’ll be fine and we just need to

04:13 get amy another drink

04:15 and she won’t worry about it should we

04:17 get into canada

04:18 well i think we’re going off to the

04:19 other club soon anyways so we’ll get

04:21 away i mean he’s not going to go to the

04:22 gay bar

04:24 as our mates we’ll probably get her out

04:26 of here take her to a different bar and

04:28 make sure she has a good night because

04:29 we don’t want her night to be ruined

04:30 just because she’s ran into her ex

04:34 gay bar now it’s my time

04:37 so these girls will be following me to

04:39 the gay bar and

04:40 i’m in charge

04:44 [Applause]

04:45 [Music]

04:47 i’m usually not out this late i usually

04:49 tuck off home to bed by now

04:50 and abandon the group but uh they’ve

04:53 dragged me out with them so i’m staying

04:54 out

04:54 are you going to do a tequila i don’t

04:56 take no food

04:58 oh yeah cheers

05:12 [Applause]

05:18 yeah i think i got it i think i got it

05:30 [Music]

05:35 i love amy chloe and josh and i’d love

05:38 to see them every single day

05:39 we’re literally like a family it’s a

05:41 lovely family

05:53 [Applause]

05:57 thank you

06:12 you too

Get Paid Go Wild!

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