The fee arises from the time spent together with each escort and is provided by the escort independently and taken personally. The escort agrees with a price, that is to be paid at the beginning of the meeting. Vienna’s Secret receives a commission of 40% from the booking.

We are available to deal with all matters relating to the booking and reservations daily between the hours of 14: 00 till 04: 00.

All information and details with respect to the services, and fees of the escort
take place with the client and are answered by the respective escort!

At the beginning of the meeting, payment must be made directly with your chosen escort and is to be paid in cash. For convenience please use denominations that are less than €500. You also have the possibility to book your escort using your credit card through our online payment system. Please be aware that there will be a 5% charge for online payments, and we also ask you to notify the telephone operator in our call centre about your chosen escort when placing your order.

The pricing policy of the escorts is decided by the escorts themselves, thus varying the hourly rates of the individual escort. We make a point to keep it transparent for our customers, and explicitly point out that we only get our provision that is equally charged by the hourly rate. The added charge of different hourly rates or extra charges shall be awarded directly to the individual escort.

This will not be handled like other agencies, because some agencies charge the escort an increased hourly rate and high commissions. Here at Vienna’s Secret, we realise that the consequence of over exceeded rates will only damage the industry, so we respect the pricing policies of individual escorts. Our escorts are treated with fairness and the customer’s respect. This motivation is especially noticeable and directly beneficial to everyone involved.

Escort Service
Hotel Or House Escorts
150First Hour
  • 1h € 150
  • Addtional hour € 120
  • Overnight € 880
  • Other - Please ask
High - Class Escorts
Premium Escort Services
200First Hour
  • 1h € 200
  • Addtional hour € 150
  • Overnight € 1250
  • Other - Please Ask
VIP Escort Service
Companion Escorts
250First Hour
  • 1h € 250
  • Addtional hour € 200
  • Overnight € 1500
  • Other - Please ask