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Relationship Quiz | Show & Tell [Video]

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Relationship Quiz

Transcript provided by YouTube:

00:00 i don’t know which money remembers this

00:01 bloody anniversary

00:03 hi it’s brielle mcdougall hi this is

00:05 amir khan

00:06 and this is show and tell together

00:09 is it what’s called

00:29 oh i didn’t know that sorry you know

00:31 this is what happened in the

00:32 relationship

00:33 that’s a long time i was about 16.

00:42 don’t even say it’s me because you know

00:44 who the boss is

00:47 yeah i think i am the boss really i get

00:50 things done

00:51 whereas you just like go crazy and

00:53 that’s why i let you think you’re the

00:54 boss

00:54 all right honestly i am the boss always

00:56 be the boss next

00:59 [Music]

01:04 this is the this is the hard one well

01:06 you know um as asians you get married

01:08 about six times

01:09 like six different events i know i know

01:12 he won’t get this right

01:15 could you do all the paperwork sir am i

01:18 close

01:18 i haven’t got anything right let’s have

01:20 a look

01:22 oh wow watch it for me

01:25 [Laughter]

01:30 sometimes i have to google it as well so

01:31 don’t worry men don’t really remember

01:34 i don’t know which money remembers his

01:35 bloody

01:39 not anniversary first sight i’ll do this

01:42 sorry was it love at first sight

01:49 you’re such a liar it wasn’t it wasn’t

01:52 lovely at first sight

01:53 you put a cardigan bracelet on me the

01:55 first time i met you

01:56 no but first sight me like the first

01:59 time i saw you when i saw you in new

02:00 york i was numbered up the second time

02:02 you are acting so cool

02:11 oh my gosh every time for girls

02:15 put netflix on she always watches one we

02:18 have to watch the hangover

02:19 i thought it all watches i a hangover

02:21 all the time she loves the chinese one

02:24 ciao you’re alan yeah

02:27 [Music]

02:30 i think fargo’s biggest fear is like

02:34 kids being huh what are you gonna say

02:36 that i was actually gonna say that you

02:37 know moving my children

02:38 we think alike oh my god let’s see what

02:40 you’re doing yeah

02:42 being on top of us on a honeymoon when

02:45 we were on that zipper line

02:47 and that big thing wrong girl i was like

02:50 alright we were yeah you gotta be scared

02:53 there you said the wrong girl i was like

02:54 oops

02:57 [Music]

03:02 oh i didn’t forget that

03:05 proud of photoshoot quite a photoshoot

03:07 yeah

03:09 no i didn’t know after ages didn’t it

03:11 yeah after the ages i said i would marry

03:13 you

03:13 no you said it the same day i saw you

03:15 you might i have a video to prove it

03:18 she didn’t give me your money she gave

03:19 me a facebook try to actually i had to

03:21 message you on facebook first to say

03:23 oh hi it’s the guy you met i’m here go

03:25 on okay and i was the world champion

03:27 as well otherwise then as well yeah you

03:29 know what i just

03:30 didn’t like giving out my number and

03:32 i was acting a bit hard

03:34 he kept staring at me over the table he

03:36 kept staring at me no remember

03:38 he kept staring at me tonight I

03:40 literally felt awkward

03:42 I do not remember that

03:46 I think you will but yeah I think the

03:47 anniversary I kind of knew you were on

03:49 those dates

03:50 no a newly married uh couple

03:53 my advice would just listen to the

03:55 wife

03:58 okay stay quiet do something else if you

04:00 have to or think something else

04:02 but 100 is but do something else or

04:05 think something else

04:06 but just say yes to her you need to be

04:09 like best friends you need to be

04:10 friends more than like lovers

04:14 you know so it like the love never dies

04:16 out and you always do fun things

04:17 communicate okay and like no I

04:20 definitely think that you need to

04:21 you know what clean like fresh okay

04:28 [Music]

relationship quiz

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