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Tinder Platinum! Is it Really Worth the Extra Price?

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Trying to decide if Tinder’s Platinum plan is really worth the premium price? 

This information guide has solutions to all of your questions, let you know what options you get, the prices, and the way it works. We will also show you how Tinder Platinum compares to Tinder’s Plus and Gold plan options!

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Tinder Platinum exclusive Features

The platinum features

Upgrading to Tinder Platinum unlocks two new options: Message before Matching and top Priority Likes.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these options.


This Platinum profile lets you add a message whenever you Super Like a match.

Congratulations! You’ve gotten 5 Super Likes included in your premium subscription. This suggests you’ll be able to send 5 ice breaker messages to matches before they’ve swiped on your profile.

That’s an enormous benefit because what you say in your Tinder message might entice that person to swipe right when they could not have otherwise.

In accordance with Tinder, using the Message Before Matching options boosts your chances of matching with that particular person by 25%.


Tinder Priority Likes get your profile really seen by other users. You’ll start to move up earlier, and also much more frequently, while other users are swiping you’ll be smiling. Being seen first implies that you’ll have a much higher probability of matching. People usually get tired of swiping and bored after a while.

A Priority Like basically moves you forward within the algorithm.

Tinder likes to choose those that pay to use their services. Those who have Tinder Platinum will move up sooner than those that have a standard subscription.

One Tinder user was grateful enough to describe his first week on Tinder Platinum. At first, he realized that he gained a lot more matches. Normally matching with 3-4 people per day, that increased to 16-20 matches per day. That’s an enormous improvement for an opportunity to meet someone.

However, as time passed by, it seemed that Platinum becomes less effective as in the beginning. Those 16-20 matches slowly went back down again, to where it was before he upgraded his subscription. 

It looks as if Tinder Platinum is a great idea in case you’re trying to get your profile out there quickly. However, it doesn’t appear to be the most effective dating app to invest your money into in the long run. 

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