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Tinder Platinum! Is it Really Worth the Extra Price?

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Priority Likes

Tinder prioritizes all likes and Super Likes from a Platinum subscriber. That means your potential matches see your profile earlier than the profiles of all of the non-subscribers.

For those who’re in a city with tons of customers, the Priority Likes function may very well be game changing. 

Tinder Platinum Price

Just a few factors have an effect on how much you’ll pay for Platinum benefits. 

Platinum was launched in the last half of 2020, however, it doesn’t have a world-wide rollout yet. Nonetheless, completely different price points are still being tested, so your location partially determines the price. 

In lots of locations, your age,  (if your’e over 30) additionally makes a difference.

To provide you a ballpark idea of how much Tinder Platinum costs, this pricing was shown to a user in Maryland that was over 30 years old.

 The monthly price considerably drops depending on how long your subscription plan is. In this case, the price of Tinder Platinum ranges from $16.66 to $39.99 monthly. Should you be younger than 30 years old, you might pay a bit less.

Tinder Plus vs Tinders Gold and Platinum Plans

Tinder Platinum plan is their premium subscription tier, so it’s the most costly. Additionally probably the most feature-heavy, given it includes all of the perks of the 2 other options.  

Apart from price, there is only one difference between Tinder Platinum and Tinder Gold. You will have the possibility to message before matching, thus getting prioritized likes.

And the one difference (price aside) between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus is the possibility to look at (and match with) everyone who liked you at the same time, and full access to your Top Picks.

Tinder Plus includes the rest of the premium bells & whistles, from altering your location to a free Boost every month.

Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of Tinder premium advantages & price.

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