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Tinder Platinum! Is it Really Worth the Extra Price?

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How Tinder Platinum Works!

At present, Tinder Platinum is only available as an upgrade option to Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold members in selected markets. So in the event you can’t see Tinder Platinum, it’s probably not yet available in your country, or you aren’t a premium subscriber.

After you upgrade, you’ll be able to Super Like up to 5 Tinder users every day, and send a message along with it.

You’ll have 140 characters to work within your icebreaker, giving you ample space to make an awesome first impression. Use one of your best Tinder openers and get your Tinder conversation properly started!

Prioritized likes are the second Tinder Premium benefit, which means anybody you like or Super Like sees your profile quicker. 

Exactly how Tinder determines your place in a user’s card stack remains a trade secret. Your geographic proximity to each potential match and your own internal ranking probably plays an enormous role. 

Tinder platinum may just be the right choice

So for instance, let’s say you are really attracted to Sarah and want to match with her. If your Tinder profile is very attractive and you’re only a kilometer away from her, she’ll probably see your profile pretty quickly.

But if it’s only average and/or you’re living far away, Sarah may be swiping for some time before yours pops up. In the meantime, she could be matching and messaging with tons of different guys.

Having your “like” prioritized helps overcome both distance and a low score rating. The faster someone sees your profile the better, which is the primary benefit of the Priority Likes function.

After all, Tinder Platinum isn’t a magical fix for mediocrity. Your profile still needs to be (swipe to the right) worthy to lead to a match. In the event, you suspect your Tinder rating needs improvement, take a look at improving your profile further.

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